intelligent, intuitive, inCMS.

Automatic image optimization

Tedious Web optimization of images is an issue from the past. Upload your own images in their original size. inCMS automatically scales images to the size of each content area and compresses them using complex algorithms, in order to minimize the file's size and the time it takes for the page to load. With the cropping function you can crop images directly on the site to ensure the right elements are optimally presented.

Drag & Drop

Easily position the items on your site at the desired location with just a mouse click. Even the arrangement of links in the menu can easily be changed with drag-n-drop.

Social Media Integration

Add social media elements such as Facebook Like Boxes or Twitter Follow Buttons to your site with just a few clicks. Define a title, a display image and a brief description of content that will be shared on Facebook. Or, create a tab, which contains the content of your website, on your Facebook page, directly from inCMS. With the social media features inCMS provides, you are well equipped.

Neatly implement YouTube videos

Embedding YouTube videos could not be easier. Copy the video URL and paste it into inCMS, set your desired settings - such as player color, start and end time ect. - and you’re ready. inCMS takes care of everything else.

Extensive SEO functions

inCMS websites' code is search engine friendly and offers many opportunities for you regarding optimizing your content. Easily enter page title, brief descriptions, meta keywords, image alt text, etc. into inCMS. Google will love your website!


Buy affordable professional photos

You have access to a database of over 29 million royalty-free photos, vector graphics and video sequences within inCMS. All of which are very reasonably priced. Place thumbnails on your site. If it fits, buy the image, so that you are legally in compliance with copywright laws.

Extensive training material

Within inCMS, you have access to a user manual and numerous video tutorials and recorded webinars. inCMS customers also receive access to our members-only Facebook group, in which inCMS users can exchange information and help each other. We do everything to make your website development with inCMS as easy as possible.