The best Online-Marketing-Strategies implemented in 4 easy steps:

With Landing Pages


Landing Pages is the new tool for more traffic, contacts and customers.

Easily implement the best online-marketing-strategies: Landing Pages contains templates for websites, which you can dublicate, and strategy-videos filled with tips and tricks. Create professional Landing-Pages and marketing-campaigns - even without technical precognition. An overview over the 4 most important idicators of success completes the package. Landing Pages is suitable for both inexperienced and advanced users. 


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Your benefits – why you will love Landing Pages

  • No precognition needed - ideal for both inexperienced and experienced users
  • Detailed campaign overview: Evaluation of the most important indicator of your success
  • Easy application 
  • Exchange with other users in the AIDAcockpit Facebookgroup
  • No risk: 30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee

The system – the perfect solution for your campaigns

  • Access to Templates, which you can dublicate and adapt individually
  • 100% adapted to mobile end devices (Responsive Design for mobile phones and tablets)
  • No limitations regarding subpages or traffic
  • Field-tested CMS (based on inCMS - the world's easiest CMS)
  • Easy integration (Analytics, Piwik, GetResponse, Klick-Tipp, Digistore24, etc.)
  • Includes hosting
  • Continuous development (new templates, new features)

The training – everything you really need to know

  • Extensive strategy-videos in which theorie is turned into practice
  • Regular publicaton of further strategy-videos

You are interested in an example? Listen to what Personality-Coach Kassia Seyb has to say about Landing Pages:
was created within minutes, using Landing Pages.

The inCMS Workshop

Put your vision of the perfect website into effect: With this 5-part workshop you will learn everything you need to know, in order to successfully create your first Landing-, Local-, and Member-Page. You can look forward to an informative workshop filled with helpful tips and tricks, which will accompany you to your first website. ↓

Part 1 - inCMS Basics:

In the first part you will learn about how with just one login, you gain access to the complete inCMS package: Landing-, Local- and Member-Pages. You will be introduced to the most important basics of the inCMS Suite, among other things templates, the structure of the website and how you can very easily create and edit your own. Furthermore, different modules - from PayPal Buttons to PopUps - and their application will be presented. And finally, you'll be able to take a closer look into the settings.


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Part 2 - Landing-Pages and inCMS In-Depth:

In the second part, we will take a closer look at Landing-Pages. You will get to know a helpful tool, that comes in handy when creating Landing-Pages. You will also be taking a more in-depth look at inCMS as a whole. Learn how to attain photos, how to create slideshows and carousels with them, and a lot more.

Part 3 - Local-Pages, Blog Posts & Domains:

In the third part, you will receive detailed information regarding Local-Pages: the templates, the most important things for your first deal, how to install a news-module on your page, and much more. You will be introduced to a helpful training and the provided marketing-material. Furthermore, you will also take a look at the topic of domains: you won't only learn how to buy and transfer them, but will also receive information on the different types available.

Part 4 - Member-Pages:

In the fourth part, you will be focusing on Member-Pages. You will be introduced to topics such as the creation of a Member-Page with login and Digistore 24, and you can also look forward to a bootcamp that help you when creating your website.

Part 5 - Expert-Designer: SmartBoxes

In the fifth part, you will become an expert-designer. You will be introduced to different design ideas and will learn how to realize them. In doing so, you will also get to know a few websites that assist you in this regard. Additionally, you will take a closer look at the general settings, showing you how to beautifully design your website, using colors, photos and many more elements.

Customers using our solutions:


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