With inCMS Member Pages you can create professional members-only websites and sales pages, instantly and without technical knowledge. inCMS Member Pages includes software and hosting!

You get ready-to-use website templates and extensive tutorial videos, providing you with everything you need to sell your digital products online as quickly as possible.

Start today and build a long term profitable business! inCMS Member Pages is suitable for beginners and advanced users: This complete system eliminates all stumbling blocks - you just have to apply it.


Your benefits - Why you will love Member Pages

  • It is intuitive, no technical skills necessary
  • You will never struggle with technology again
  • Your digital products will be automatically delivered after payment
  • Your digital products will be kept safe with personalized logins
  • There is no other system that combines technology (secured content) and marketing (integrated sales pages) in a single, perfect package like this

The system - The perfect solution for Members-Only Websites and Sales Pages

  • Ready to use Members-Only website templates
  • Just choose your favourite design and make any changes you want
  • Conversion optimized design
  • High flexibility and customization possible
  • Very intuitive
  • Proven CMS (based on inCMS - the world's easiest Content Management System)
  • On-going development of new features and new templates
  • 100% mobile friendly
  • Fully optimized for search engines

The training - All you really need to know

  • Comprehensive video tutorials
  • "Copy & Paste": immediately applicable

Sell your digital products with Member Pages:

  • Create professional Members-Only Websites extremely fast
  • Duplicate ready-made website-templates (with just a few clicks)
  • Flexible design, easy to use editor, responsive design
  • Step-by-step video tutorials
  • Integration with payment provider - Digistore24.com - which supports Credit Card and all popular payment methods
  • Automatic content delivery after successful payment
  • Risk free: 30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee

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The inCMS Workshop

Put your vision of the perfect website into effect: With this 5-part workshop you will learn everything you need to know, in order to successfully create your first Landing-, Local-, and Member-Page. You can look forward to an informative workshop filled with helpful tips and tricks, which will accompany you to your first website. ↓

Part 1 - inCMS Basics:

In the first part you will learn about how with just one login, you gain access to the complete inCMS package: Landing-, Local- and Member-Pages. You will be introduced to the most important basics of the inCMS Suite, among other things templates, the structure of the website and how you can very easily create and edit your own. Furthermore, different modules - from PayPal Buttons to PopUps - and their application will be presented. And finally, you'll be able to take a closer look into the settings.


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Part 2 - Landing-Pages and inCMS In-Depth:

In the second part, we will take a closer look at Landing-Pages. You will get to know a helpful tool, that comes in handy when creating Landing-Pages. You will also be taking a more in-depth look at inCMS as a whole. Learn how to attain photos, how to create slideshows and carousels with them, and a lot more.

Part 3 - Local-Pages, Blog Posts & Domains:

In the third part, you will receive detailed information regarding Local-Pages: the templates, the most important things for your first deal, how to install a news-module on your page, and much more. You will be introduced to a helpful training and the provided marketing-material. Furthermore, you will also take a look at the topic of domains: you won't only learn how to buy and transfer them, but will also receive information on the different types available.

Part 4 - Member-Pages:

In the fourth part, you will be focusing on Member-Pages. You will be introduced to topics such as the creation of a Member-Page with login and Digistore 24, and you can also look forward to a bootcamp that help you when creating your website.

Part 5 - Expert-Designer: SmartBoxes

In the fifth part, you will become an expert-designer. You will be introduced to different design ideas and will learn how to realize them. In doing so, you will also get to know a few websites that assist you in this regard. Additionally, you will take a closer look at the general settings, showing you how to beautifully design your website, using colors, photos and many more elements.

Customers using our solutions:


We've been testing the Member Pages model for several months now - and I can say: it works! A clear concept with the matching software solution. As the inCMS Editor is really easy to use for anyone, we've seen a huge benefit in sites we create for our own customers. This advantage has simplified our business processes and has allowed us to win more customers.

Almost everyone can put this business model into action as the potential is enormous. With that, my statement is: I can fully recommend Member Pages for users who want to build a long-term and stable online business.

- Jessica Ebert, jessica-ebert.de

Ralf Schmitz

Marcel Paa


Question: What is a Members-Only Website?


  • A Members-Only Website is a site with protected content or pages, which can only be accessed by users who have logged in with a username and password.
  • Or in other words: with a Members-Only Website you can sell and deliver your digital products in a protected Members-Only area.

Question: What kinds of digital products can I sell online?

Answer: There are endless possibilities. Here are a few examples to inspire you:

  • Templates and Checklists, e.g. Email Templates, Website Templates, Contracts, Product-Comparisions, Diet Plans / Weight Loss Programs / Recipes, etc.
  • eBooks and PDF Reports
  • Audio Files, e.g. Guided Meditation, Podcast Interviews, etc.
  • Videos, e.g. Software Training, Screencast Training, Courses (Photography, Craftsman, Gardening, Dog Training, etc.), Webinar Recordings, Event Recordings (e.g. Live Seminars / Coachings)
  • Community, e.g. link to closed groups (e.g. Facebook), comments / discussions, etc.

Question: How can I provide my knowledge online?


  • You sell access to protected pages (i.e. your product) - users pay to receive access details
  • You provide a free product and then up-sell a follow-up product
  • You sell an inexpensive entry product and then sell a higher priced follow-up product (e.g. upgrade - course with more content)

Question: Are Sales Pages included within the website templates?


  • Yes! Every website template includes a Sales Page and pages for a protected Members-Only area
  • The templates with a suggested site structure. All you have to do is copy/paste your own content.

Question: How will the hosting be handled?


  • Data is stored in an EU computing center.
  • Websites are distributed in the Amazon CloudFront Network globally (over 30 data centers worldwide). This means: Maximum performance and loading speed for all your websites!
  • Member Pages includes all hosting and Amazon costs. No additional costs for you.

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