With Local Pages you can create professional websites for local businesses, instantly and without technical knowledge. In addition, you will receive comprehensive video training and many swipe files (presentations, brochures, emails, lists, ...) so that you can implement this simple, proven business model immediately.

Start today and build a long term profitable business! Suitable for beginners and advanced users: This complete system eliminates all stumbling blocks - you just have to apply it.

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Your benefits - Why you will love Local Pages

  • You will never struggle with technology again
  • It is intuitive, no technical skills necessary
  • There are countless local businesses that desperately need you
  • You receive all the material you need to win customers - Just copy our questionnaires, email templates, contracts, etc.
  • There is no other system that combines technology, marketing and training in a single, perfect package like this
  • Easy-edit website templates
  • Our templates cover many different industries and new ones are being added regularly:

The system - The perfect solution for websites

  • Easy-edit website templates
  • High flexibility and customization possible
  • Very intuitive content management (based on inCMS - the world's easiest Content Management System)
  • Proven CMS with many features
  • Conversion optimized design - far more than a business card
  • 100% mobile friendly
  • Fully optimized for search engines
  • Automatic Facebook integration - with just a few clicks
  • Conversion optimized landing page templates for successful lead generation (Pro & Agency Version)

The training - All you really need to know (Pro & Agency Version)

  • Comprehensive marketing material — immediately applicable
  • High quality training focused on the essentials
  • Facebook group for direct peer exchange

Start your profitable online business today - with Local Pages!

  • Create professional websites extremely fast 
  • No experience necessary - perfect for both beginners and advanced users
  • Many predefined industry website templates, adaptable and flexible
  • Step-by-step training (Recordings, video tutorials, ...) 
  • Clear instructions and swipe files (presentations, brochures, emails, ...)

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SPECIAL BONUS: Onboarding-Workshop

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inCMS Basics


Member Pages


Landing Pages & inCMS In-Depth


Expert-Designer: SmartBoxes


Local Pages, Blog Posts & Domains




Access to an Exclusive Onboarding-Workshop

Sign up for inCMS Pro or Agency and get the exclusive Training Bootcamp for free!

Profit from a several week long training, consisting of structured video sequences, which lead and accompany you through the many features of the inCMS Suite. 

This way, you will most definitely get the most out of the inCMS Suite and will be able to fully utilize the potential of Landing Pages, Local Pages and Member Pages!

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Customers using our solutions:


We've been testing the Local Pages model for several months now - and I can say: it works! A clear concept with the matching software solution. As the inCMS Editor is really easy to use for anyone, we've seen a huge benefit in sites we create for our own customers. This advantage has simplified our business processes and has allowed us to win more customers.

Almost everyone can put this business model into action as the potential - especially in the local websites niche - is enormous. With that, my statement is: I can fully recommend Local Pages for users who want to build a long-term and stable online business.

Jessica Ebertjessica-ebert.de


How will the hosting be handled?

Data is stored in an EU computing center. Websites are distributed in the Amazon CloudFront Network globally (over 30 data centers worldwide). This means: Maximum performance for all your websites!

Does Local Pages include hosting costs?

Yes. Local Pages includes all hosting and Amazon CloudFront costs. No additional costs for you.


Can I create secure websites? (https)

Yes. You can install free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt with just a few clicks.

I already have a domain. Can I use it with Local Pages?

Yes. You can either leave the domain with your existing domain provider (e.g. Namecheap) and adjust the settings, or you can transfer the domain to us. There’s a tutorial video available for both options.

I don’t have a domain yet. Can I buy it within Local Pages?

Yes. You can buy a new domain directly within Local Pages (easiest solution). You can also buy domains with any other domain provider and link them to your Local Pages websites. There’s a tutorial video for both options.

How can I setup email accounts?

You’ve got the following possibilities:

  • You can create one free email address per domain (with Gmail)
  • You can create up to 25 free email addresses per domain (with Zoho)
  • Easy integration with Google Apps (recommended)
  • You can also use email accounts with an external domain provider (e.g. Namecheap)

Can I make SEO settings?

Yes. You can make SEO settings for every single page (e.g. title, description, etc.). You can also assign alt tags to your images, mark links as “no follow”, create 301 redirects, etc.

What happens to my clients’ websites if I cancel my Local Pages subscription?

No worries! Our support team can convert any website into a standalone inCMS subscription. This means: Your customers can continue using their websites even if you do not have a Local Pages subscription anymore.

Who takes care of backups and updates?

We do that for you! We take care of regular backups and updates (new features). Take a look at our blog and check out how many new features we regularly launch.

Can I create a user account for customers?

Yes. With Local Pages Pro or Agency you can set up a user login for your customer.

If other people use the same template: Will there be Duplicate Content?

No. Even though you’re starting off with a template (which saves you loads of time because you don’t have to start with an empty page), you’re going to adapt its content to the local company you’re creating the website for. You will change the headline, the slogan, the address, the opening times. You will also change the description of the company’s services and team. You’re probably going to have a look at a brochure the company already has and you’re going to integrate its content into the you're creating. At the end of the day, every website will be unique.

Can I adapt the templates?

Yes. Each website is flexible. You can adapt content, structure and design (images, colors, fonts), tailored to your needs. You can even hide the inCMS logo in the footer.

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