We are pleased to present you the new inCMS!

Over the last few months, our developers and designers have been working hard on a major update for the SwissMadeMarketing apps.

Find out what the update means for inCMS here.


new Design

The update gives inCMS a completely new look and feel:

It now has a fresher, more modern and beautiful appearance, meeting today's design expectations. Additionally, it has a more user-friendly interface.

With that, inCMS doesn't just look different - it also feels different!

Editing Mode

While most of the functionality of inCMS remains the same, the editor has changed a lot - mainly optically.

The editing mode of inCMS has been newly adapted, making sure a preview of the final result is already visible while editing the website.

With finer lines, more narrow fields and brighter frames, the overall picture appears fresher and more airy.



new Features

The update has a major effect on the outward appearance.

Nevertheless, users can also look forward to some technical improvements and new fun elements.

One example is the newly integrated Dark Mode:

For the first time, inCMS users can choose the theme and change the user interface from light to dark.

Responsive Design

There have once again been great improvements in the Responsive Design area of inCMS:

The application on tablets now works much better and the operation on mobile devices has been drastically optimized.

Making quick adjustments to your website while on the move?
That's no longer a problem - you'll be amazed by how easy it is to use!

Try out this new function in the menu bar, which can be resized or even hidden, allowing a larger view on mobile devices and tablets.


Do you have questions about the update or constructive feedback for our developers?

We look forward to hearing from you. Write to us: 45CWk5OMkZejkJSKkJCOgoeGjoKRiIaXio2EzYCMjg@nospam